An idea too far?

8 Jun

I will now write something that will very probably discredit any sort of pedigree I have as a writer who claims to like cars. I was driving along the A34 the other day with my trumpet playing friend, who we’ll call X but whose real name is Adam. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a Skoda Yeti, in white. And do you know what my first thought was? No? Then I’ll tell you. My first thought was “that would be a really good looking 2-door cabriolet”. Like an MX-5 or a Honda S2000 or, even more dramatically, like a Renault Spider. Think about it though. It could share a platform with Volkswagen’s BlueSport thing, which by all accounts looks very good, and which I’m going to try and get my hands on for a test. Then you put on that Skoda face, which is quite handsome on the Yeti, if a bit ungainly on every other car in their range, paint it white and there you have it, a fun, “cheeky-looking”, environmentally friendly Skoda soft-top.

What with Skoda re-finding a place in the hearts of the nation after being cast-off into the automotive wilderness, this car would solidify their reputation. The Yeti is designed to look like your mate who’s going to help you get up that hill or mountain or whatever and then babysit your kids whilst you and the wife go skinny dipping in a stream (I haven’t read the brochure, but I imagine it’s something along those lines). This would do the same thing, but instead it would be for California-like trips to the beach, complete with cynical marketing to suit. Or some nice B-road bashing even. It’s a brilliant idea. It sounds stupid, but it’s actually brilliant. Build it Skoda. It will make you rich men. And women.


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