Jeff Koons’ BMW Art Car!

10 Jun

So Jeff Koons has been the latest artist to contribute to the BMW ‘Art Cars’ series. For a start, it’s good to see Koons going off on a bit of a tangent from his 90s fascination with making sculptures of him and his (now ex) wife in the throes of ecstasy (Google ‘Jeff Koons Made in Heaven’). I love the Art Cars series. It’s about the coolest thing BMW, or any other car manufacturer, have ever done. The series began in 1975 and has featured contributions by Andy Warhol (on a BMW M1), Roy Lichtenstein (320i) and David Hockney (850CSi). Koons, who was given BMW’s M3 GT2 Le Mans racer as a canvas, has created a rather excellent dazzle-paint effect which, coming up behind you on the Mulsanne Straight at 8 a.m. after you’ve been driving for 4 hours already, should be sufficient to scare the bejesus out of weary drivers and probably force them to crash. Cunning. Either way, it’s a handsome beastie and will be piloted by the talented triumvirate of Great Britain’s Andy Priaulx and by two German men named Dirk, namely Müller and Werner. Good luck to ‘em!

To read more about the BMW Art Cars, look here:


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