Gordon Murray takes on the G-Wiz

21 Jul

So, Gordon Murray has built a city car. Now I realise that this is verging on old news. Murray has been working on this project for about 7 years now, and he released shots of the car, named the T25, to the press a few weeks ago. But, in my own manner, I like to digest things and see what I think of them. And I think it looks…..good. Well, let’s qualify that a little. The back end looks like one of those silly quad bike-engined cars that you see driving around rural France a lot. Or a G-Wiz. So that’s not so great, but then again it’s not a particular design feature, so we’ll forgive him. From the front though, I think it looks, in its own gorky way, excellent.

(Look how far I got into this article without mentioning the McLaren F1!) Murray is most noted, in road car terms, for having designed…..the Mclaren F1. Perhaps this explains the 3 seater layout of the car, with the driver thrust up to the front as some sort of fighter pilot-cum-chauffeur (quite a job description) whilst the passengers sit set back and either side of the driver’s seat. The door opens upwards and forwards, thus giving the passengers infinite room to get into their seat, rather than clambering into a tight space through a regular door. Murray has borrowed a 660cc engine from Mitsubishi, with 51bhp linked to a 5 speed sequential gear box. The car is light at just over half a ton, meaning that the T25 can do 74 miles per gallon whilst emitting only 86g/km of CO2. Which means that you won’t have to pay road tax. The car’s 0-62 time is quoted as 16.2 seconds, but if it’s a city car then it won’t really be doing 62mph. It will, however, be doing a lot of 0-30 mph accelerations, and with its light weight the T25 should be fine speed-wise (although there was talk of fitting a turbo….). And as for cornering, well, let’s just say it again, the guy designed the McLaren F1 and used to test the Formula 1 cars he designed himself, so I imagine it will be a hoot to hoon around a city in.

There’s one problem in all this though. Murray can’t afford to build the car himself and hasn’t had any manufacturers knocking on his door yet. Considering his contacts within the industry and his reputation, this is both a shame and worrying for the future of the T25. Obviously, little blogger-boy here doesn’t know the ins and outs, but I’d hope that someone would take this idea and run with it. It seems to me to be the perfect solution to city driving. City cars are generally a dull concept, focussed largely around compromise and dodgy design. But then you add Gordon Murray to the equation, and all of a sudden the idea sounds much more intriguing. Let’s see what happens.

The T25's pedigree.....

T25 pedigree, part two


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