23 Aug

Here are a few things that I’ve seen around and about on my travels. And I do quite literally mean travels. First up, here’s a beautiful 1960s Mercedes 220 SEB coupe. I saw it in West London, next to Selfridges and though it was in slightly tatty condition, it at least was at odds with the quite staggering lack of imagination that rich people demonstrate most of the time. Do they get tax breaks if they buy Porsche 911s? Do they get an American Express Black card when they’re spotted in a Range Rover Sport or a Bentley Continental GT? Honestly, wealth is mostly wasted on the wealthy. Except Lord March…..

Now, a place where I expected to lay down my Carficionado hat in order to pick up my day-glo party hat was at a music festival in Oxfordshire. AND YET! Carficionado must never sleep, because all of a sudden someone will park a Porsche 356 in the car park. Although, in spite of having all the right Porsche badges and what not, the car appeared to be, according to its number plate, a 1971 model, which is peculiar, as Porsche stopped making the 356 in 1965. So I guess it was a kit car, despite appearances. But who can argue with the appearances?

Then up to St. John’s Wood in North West London, home to Abbey Road and rich folk. Rich folk who buy black Ford GTs. So they do have some class, discretion and taste after all. But wait, what does that number plate say? S3XSY? Oh well, never mind….

And speaking of class, discretion and taste…..for the Arab who has everything, why not buy a white Mercedes Maybach convertible? I spotted this little beaut at Dubai airport. Vulgar doesn’t even begin to cover it darlings!


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