Point proven

4 Oct

1,526.63 miles on one tank of diesel!

So, in a follow-up to my post about the Volkswagen Bluemotion cars being better than Priuses, a Passat Bluemotion has just set a record for the longest distance traveled on one tank of fuel for a standard production car. A team from The Sunday Times took the VW, which has a 1.6 litre TDi engine with 105 gee-gees in it, from Maidstone to the south of France and back up again. It ran out of diesel near Calais, having completed a distance of 1526.63 miles, at an average of 45mph. Now, let’s not comment on how boring it must have been to travel at an average speed of 45mph through northern France. Let’s instead focus on what an achievement that is. Over 1,500 miles on one tank. My Freelander dreams of doing 1,500 miles on one tank. Heck, I dream of that.

So the lesson is: Carficionado was right again.


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