The Black and White Volkswagen Up! Show

14 Sep

I forgot a category in my Awards Ceremony yesterday.

It was the “Shoot everybody in the marketing department team” award and it goes, without reservation, to Volkswagen, in particular the savvy, culturally informed marketing buffs working on the Up! project. Because everyone wants a different type of Up! don’t they? Consequently, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, they displayed your basic Up! Then for the person who wants a car that looks rugged, there is the Cross Up! Your little 18 year old wants “street cred” (a term marketers probably think is very “hip”) and so they’ve made a GT Up! Fine. Nothing wrong with them.

But there is, apparently, a niche market for people who are in black and white minstrel shows and want a car colour to match their grease-paint covered faces. But don’t worry, VW have got that covered too. Ladies and gentlemen, I kid you not, the Black Up!


Alright, up against the wall boys.


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