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My Top Five F1 Cars, in no particular order. Number 2 – Brabham BT44B

1 Jun

OK, so clearly, anything with Martini racing colours gets automatic kudos in motorsport. Lancias, Porsches, whatever, it all looks better if you cover it in Martini colours. The Brabham BT44B was no exception. Designed by Gordon Murray, he of the McLaren F1 road car fame, the shape was, like Murray cars to this day, beautiful and clean. The BT44 was introduced in 1974, with the 44B used for the first time in the 1975 season. Both incarnations enjoyed only modest success at the hands of Carlos Reutemann and Carlos Pace. But like I said, Martini colours have a Midas touch, so here it is Ladies and Gentlemen, the gorgeous and evocatively monikered Brabham BT44B. In Martini colours.