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My Top Five F1 Cars, in no particular order. Number 5 – Renault RE30B

4 Jun

So I thought for the last post this week I’d choose a modern F1 car, to show I’m not an old fuddy-duddy. But I am. I would have picked a McLaren from the last five years fyi, but instead I’ve picked a Renault. From the 80s. In the 80s, turbos were being splashed around everywhere. Saabs, Group B rally cars trying their best, and sometimes succeeding, to murder their drivers. But the pinnacle of turbo use in the 1980s came in Formula 1, and particularly in the two Renaults of Alain Prost and René Arnoux in the 1982 season (hmmm, that’s three Prost driven F1 cars in my list. Prost-crush?). The seating position of the Renault, as with most F1 cars of this era, thrust the driver right to the front, whilst a twin-turbo 1.5 V6 projected it very quickly towards walls, armcos etc. It was dynamic in the way that a sledgehammer is dynamic, and hugely exciting to watch. Turbos were eventually banned in 1989, but not before Formula 1 had seen some of its fastest, scariest racing to date. And the pick of the bunch: the Renault RE30B.

My Top Five F1 Cars, in no particular order. Number 4 – Williams FW15C

3 Jun

This car effectively ushered in the beginning of my conscious mind reacting to Formula 1. With McLaren having a rough year in 1993, this was THE car in that season, winning Prost his fourth and final Formula 1 championship and highlighting the potential of the young Damon Hill. It also persuaded Ayrton Senna to leave McLaren and, fatally, to join Williams in 1994 (well he’d have left McLaren earlier if Prost hadn’t had it in his contract that under no circumstances was Senna allowed to be his team-mate). The Williams team was also sponsored by Sega and the decal of the design, with the footwells and steering looking like Sonics the Hedgehog’s legs and hands, only sold me more. This blog is intended to be about subjectivity, and subjectively, you don’t get more important to me in F1 than the Williams FW15C.